About the Author

The GnuCash Documentation Team is a self-designated group of GnuCash users and developers who have volunteered to write this documentation for the benefit of the broader user base. People who are interested in joining this group are encouraged to express their interest on the GnuCash lists (gnucash-users and gnucash-devel) for further direction.

Contributors on the team so far have been: YawarAmin, J. AlexAycinena, TomBullock, CarolChampagne, FrankEllenberger, MikeEvans, ChrisGoodDaveHerman, GeertJanssens, JonLapham, ChrisLyttle, CristianMarchi, JohnRalls, RobertRatliff, ChristianStimming, BengtThuree, and DavidT..

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